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5 Signs You Need to Go Through Medical Detox

Alcohol is a socially accepted drug and someone who has a few drinks a week usually doesn’t consider herself–and indeed is probably not–an alcoholic. It can be difficult to judge at what point drinking becomes a problem. If you are worried that your drinking is a problem, or may become a problem, it’s probably time to stop–at least for awhile and maybe for good.

Quitting alcohol may not be as straightforward as it sounds. Alcohol is highly addictive and withdrawal can be difficult and even dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms may include anxiety, nausea, vomiting, headache, shaking, sweating, irritability, and insomnia. Severe withdrawal, or DTs, may take two days or more to appear and include confusion, high fever, seizures, hallucinations, and heart palpitations. These symptoms can be dangerous and you don’t want to be home alone when they manifest. It’s much safer and less painful to detox in a medical detox facility.

You may be unsure whether medical detox is necessary, given how much you drink. Although everyone reacts differently to withdrawal, symptoms depend heavily on how much you drink and how often. Here are some ways to tell if need medical detox.

You drink heavily and daily. Either by itself is not likely to cause severe withdrawal. For example, if you drink heavily but only on Saturday night, then you are likely to feel terrible on Sunday but you are not likely to have dangerous withdrawal.

Conversely, if you have a drink or two every evening, you are not likely to experience dangerous withdrawal if you decide to give it a rest.

You drink moderately but consistently. Having three or four drinks in the course of a night out is not usually seen as a big deal. Having three or four drinks every evening is cause for concern, and depending on how long the habit has persisted, it might lead to an unpleasant detox.

You live alone. If you feel your drinking is not heavy enough to cause severe withdrawal, you can try it at home, but you shouldn’t try it alone. Alcohol withdrawal can escalate quickly and if you suddenly find yourself shaking and disoriented, it’s better to have someone there who can take you to the emergency room or call 911.

You’ve tried detoxing before. If you have tried detoxing on your own and now you’re trying again, it might be better to choose medical detox. It’s likely that your addiction is worse than you are willing to admit. Also, DTs are more common among people who have detoxed before so you should be in a place where medical care is available.

You have another condition. Detox is mentally and physically stressful. You may feel anxiety, agitation, depression, or disorientation. Your heart may race. All of these symptoms can exacerbate other conditions. If you already suffer from depression or anxiety, even moderate withdrawal can be very difficult. Likewise, if you have a heart condition, the elevated pulse and blood pressure of moderate withdrawal may be an issue. For all of these conditions, it’s best to have medical staff on hand to keep you safe.

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