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10 Signs You May Have A Drinking Problem

There are several different signs that point towards a drinking problem. Many of these signs can be obvious, but others may be harder to notice. The level of alcohol abuse can affect how a person shows the warning signs. Some individuals will go to great lengths to conceal their problem with alcohol, while others will be open with their drinking.

If left untreated, alcohol abuse can spin out of control quickly. Seeing the warning signs and getting proper treatment for yourself or a loved one sooner than later can make the difference in your recovery.

10 of the most common signs that you may have a serious problem with drinking include:

  1. The Inability to stop drinking – you find that you’re struggling to completely stop drinking for any period of time, and grow moody when you attempt to avoid alcohol.
  2. You drive after drinking – you may not have been arrested, but you’ve driven while drunk.
  3. Social events are uncomfortable without alcohol – Business functions, school events, even family gatherings like weddings can seem painful without alcohol. This is a sign you have difficulty connecting with others unless you are under the influence.
  4. Problems managing the home – Bills aren’t paid on time, chores go days without being done, and basic tasks that keep the household running are neglected.
  5. You drink to relieve loneliness or boredom – if your go-to activity when you’re bored is to reach for the nearest bottle, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol.
  6. You drink to relieve stress – Having a drink or two to regularly relieve your stress indicates a growing emotional dependence on alcohol.
  7. Alcohol is hidden at home, work,. – Being ashamed of their over-consumption of alcohol often leads people struggling with a drinking problem to stash their alcohol where they can drink away from prying eyes.
  8. Your drinking has led to other health problems – From hypertension to liver damage, a drinking problem can have massive consequences for your health.
  9. You lie about your drinking – Lying about how much or how often alcohol is consumed is an early sign that someone is developing a problem with their drinking.
  10. Your extreme moods are tied to your drinking – Alcohol is a depressant, and can have a powerful effect on a person’s mood. People with a drinking problem are prone to wild, even violent changes in their mood.

Realizing you may actually have a serious problem with drinking can be upsetting and surprising. Be kind to yourself as you begin to take the necessary steps for your recovery.


Admit to yourself that you want help and you’re ready to take the first critical step in recovery. The Gardens Wellness Center offers a residential detox program for men and women wanting to start their journey of recovery. Call us today for information:  (844) 325-9168.