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What Does “Play the Tape” Mean?

In the olden days, video and sound were recorded on magnetic tape. If you wanted to see what happened in a video, you had to play the tape. In the context of addiction, “play the tape” means before you drink or use drugs, think through what will happen. “Playing the tape” to the end inRead More

Can Floating Help Fight Addiction?

Floating, also called REST, which stands for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, is a practice that grew out of the sensory deprivation experiments from the 1950s. In floating, you get in a tank filled with warm water saturated with epsom salts. The water is the same temperature as your body so you can’t feel it andRead More

Treatment is Cheaper than Addiction

One objection people sometimes have to detox and treatment is the cost. You essentially have to pay a full-time medical and counseling staff plus room and board and whatever amenities the facility offers for as long as detox and treatment take. That can often be expensive, which is a convenient excuse to avoid treatment. InRead More

What Jobs Have the Most Addiction?

There are some jobs that have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction than the general population. There are several factors that contribute to these higher rates. What most of these jobs have in common are erratic hours, high stress, unpredictable pay, and a lot of travel or working away from home. OftenRead More

What to do if You Find Drugs in Your Child’s Room

It can be a shock to find your child in possession of drugs or alcohol. Most people feel like their kid would never do drugs, that they’re too young, or that at least they would notice something if their kid was doing drugs. In fact, most American teens have tried alcohol and been offered drugs.Read More

What Drugs Do Teens Use?

Many parents worry at some point that their teen might be experimenting with drugs or alcohol. The world seems to be growing ever more pharmacologically diverse, with the local news frequently warning the public about the dangerous new drug they’ve never heard of. What drugs are currently popular among teens? For the most part, teensRead More

Foods that Destroy Your Mood

When you’re in recovery, managing your mood is important because depression, anxiety, and anger can put you on the road to relapse. What you eat affects how you feel. Eating a healthy diet of whole foods, especially whole grains, dark leafy greens, nuts, beans, and a variety of fruits and vegetables ensures your body willRead More

What are the Risk Factors for Addiction?

The first thing everyone wants to know about addiction is what causes it. The causes of addiction are especially mysterious to non-addicts, to whom addictive behavior appears baffling and totally irrational. Why would someone choose a drug over his family or career? Like most human problems, addiction comes from some mix of genes and environment.Read More

How to Relax without Drugs or Alcohol

Early in recovery, people often feel tense and agitated. For years they may have relied on drugs or alcohol to help them unwind or fall asleep. It’s hard to feel good about life in recovery if you always feel tense, especially if you have trouble sleeping. That tension will gradually subside on its own asRead More

Should I Get Treatment Near Home or Farther Away?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a facility for detox and treatment–treatment approach, quality of staff, comfort of facilities, post-treatment support, and financial options are among the most important. One factor that could make a difference is how far away the treatment center is. Often on shows such as Intervention or Dr. Phil,Read More