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Adult Children of Alcoholics

If you have struggled with addiction to alcohol or other substances, there’s a good chance you had a parent who did too. Addiction runs in families and having a parent who is an addict is a good predictor of future problems. Addiction is just one problem adult children of alcoholics frequently have. There is, inRead More

Why You Should Learn as Much as You Can About Addiction

Whether you’re considering treatment, starting recovery, or are a long time sober, it pays to learn as much as you can about addiction. Although everyone is different and faces different challenges in addiction, there are certain patterns and pitfalls that are common. The more you are aware of these, the easier they will be toRead More

Denial is More Than Stubbornness

Addictive behavior is baffling from the outside. Friends or family of addicted people may look on in wonder as their loved one burns her life down. From the outside, it is obvious that most of the bad things in her life would stop happening if she would only get treatment and stay sober. Her unwillingnessRead More

Treating Addiction in Rural Areas

While drug use and addiction is typically associated with cities, it’s actually rural areas that have been hardest hit by the opioid crisis in recent years. If you look at any map showing fatal overdose rates in the US, it’s immediately obvious that the most affected areas are the least densely populated. The worst areasRead More

How to Repair your Immune System After Getting Sober

During active addiction, you may not have noticed frequent illnesses, but now that you’re sober, you may wonder why you’re sick all the time. Addiction often causes people to neglect their health and hygiene and engage in risky behavior. This can lead to greater susceptibility to illness. Alcohol, in particular causes immune problems by loweringRead More

How to Help a Loved One Coming Home from Rehab

The transition from inpatient treatment to normal home life is a tricky time for someone in recovery. It means moving from a sheltered, supportive environment back to a place where many of the old stresses and temptations might be waiting. There are some ways you can help make this transition easier for a loved oneRead More

5 Ways to Deal with Boredom in Recovery

You really don’t want to be bored during recovery. Along with stress and loneliness, it’s one of the biggest relapse triggers. It’s a little weird to think of being bored when our culture seems dedicated to eliminating all boredom everywhere, but many ways of relieving boredom–TV, movies, social media, games–get stale pretty quickly and are,Read More

Social Anxiety and Addiction

While around 10 percent of the population struggles with some sort of addiction, the percentage of people with social anxiety disorder struggling with depression is closer to 20. That is, someone with social anxiety disorder is twice as likely as any random person to struggle with addiction. Social anxiety disorder means you you experience intenseRead More

How to Deal with Grief in Recovery

The death of a loved one is difficult under any circumstances. Losing someone close can leave you feeling overwhelmed, lost, depressed, guilty, or even sick. If you are in recovery, this is a dangerous time. Extreme sadness, pain, and loneliness are potent relapse triggers. If you have recently lost someone, it’s crucial to take stepsRead More

How to Deal with a Breakup in Recovery

Stress and depression are major relapse triggers and a bad breakup can lead to both. A breakup always poses a threat to recovery, but it’s especially dangerous early on. If you’re going through a breakup in recovery, here are some ways to get through it. Don’t do anything rash. If you get dumped, you mightRead More