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Our Vision

At the Gardens Wellness Center, we set and maintain the highest standards of care in the substance abuse industry with comprehensive detox treatment and a low staff-to-client ratio. We strive to ensure the detox process is as safe and comfortable as possible for all our clients. To achieve that goal, we provide our clients with the following:

When it comes to choosing a detox facility to begin your treatment experience, you want a tranquil environment and an experienced team that understands where you are to address underlying issues and help you cleanse your body from the toxins of substance abuse. At Gardens Wellness Center, our vision is to be that facility for those that are ready to change their habits and their life. To learn more about our staff or programs, contact Gardens Wellness Center today at 844-828-1050.

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Medical protocols
Detox can be more than uncomfortable for some struggling to break free of addiction. Certain types of substances can create severe withdrawal symptoms when a person stops taking them. This kind of detox requires close medical supervision to ensure the withdrawal symptoms are managed safely. We feature a team of experienced medical professionals that can guide you through the process to prepare you for the rest of your treatment experience.
Psychological therapy
Detox has both a medical and a psychological aspect and both need to be addressed to ensure a successful detox. Psychological therapies might include treatment for mental illness, trauma, grief and loss, or self-esteem issues. By getting to the core issues that led to the addiction, we can help you turn away from the substance abuse and embrace a life of recovery and long-term sobriety.
Alternative treatment modalities
When combined with traditional modalities, holistic and non-conventional therapies can be effective in providing comfort, stimulating the innate healing processes of the body. We offer therapeutic activities such as art and music therapy, as well as holistic approaches like yoga, meditation and acupuncture to provide comfort throughout the detox process and some of the necessary tools to move forward with the recovery journey.