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Our Team

With years of experience, our medical staff will address all aspects of the client’s profile to customize a program specific to your needs. We provide a wide array of therapies to accomplish a successful and comprehensive detox treatment. Our seasoned medical staff provides a full assessment of each client from the first day at our center to customize a detoxification plan tailored to relevant and specific issues, medical requirements and emotional needs.

People Who Make a Difference

Our staff includes experienced, board-certified psychiatrists, general practitioners, addictionologists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical doctors with years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. Our medical staff also has a strong presence in the area of pharmacology and addiction research, which allow our program to maintain access to the latest evidence-based outcomes. We are equipped to address all aspects of detox treatment with a team of committed professionals that strive to make each of our clients feel special and cared for throughout their stay with us.

Our medical protocols and psychological therapies are combined with alternative therapies to give you the tools necessary to help overcome withdrawal symptoms, anxiety and depression that are often associated with the detoxification process. With a full spectrum of treatment modalities, we are prepared to address every aspect of detox to provide the most safe, comfortable and successful process. Our experienced team members specialize in a variety of areas as they apply to detox and addiction treatment – some have personal experience with substance abuse, while others have spent years gaining the education and experience necessary to provide our clients with the highest level of care.

Along with the physical symptoms that accompany the withdrawal process, many clients often suffer from an emotional challenge such as guilt, shame and despair. We have staff specifically dedicated to addressing the psychological aspects of detox. We work with a variety of proven modalities that help our clients address the underlying issues that led to the addiction and learn healthier behaviors and coping mechanisms that support long-term sobriety after treatment. Our certified therapists cultivate confidence and self-esteem, while providing the tools needed to continue to the next step toward a successful recovery.

Because each client has different needs and responds to treatment differently, we also offer non-conventional therapies that can assist medical and psychological needs. Holistic therapies provide comfort and stimulate the innate healing power of the body. Our team of professionals will recommend adequate treatment protocols according to the client’s mental and physical condition during treatment to make sure the complementary therapies are effective.

Professionals for Every Need

In addition to the individuals listed above, The Gardens Wellness Center also employs a full team of the following professionals:

Case Managers
Alternative Treatments


Our therapy team is not here to make you feel like a “client,” but rather a unique individual that has a story to tell. We do not judge; instead, we provide support and care for you through this challenging step in your recovery process.

Case Managers

Our personalized case management team helps to ensure continued success in recovery for the client by providing support, structure and accountability. We work through the necessary details to help you get back on track and prepare for life after treatment.

Alternative Treatments

We believe that non-conventional and holistic therapies are successful in providing comfort and stimulating the innate healing power of the body. Our professionals in this area have experience working with clients in detox and addiction treatment and gear their therapies to the unique needs of our clients.

Jack “Ricky” Pollon – Director of Operations

Ricky originally relocated to South Florida from New Jersey eight years ago to pursue his journey of recovery. He began working at the Gardens Wellness Center three years ago and has contributed to numerous department since joining the team. Within his current role as director of operations, Ricky often incorporates his personal knowledge and experience in recovery during his interaction with clients that provide a level of understanding and compassion seldom found throughout the industry. Ricky is currently pursuing his degree in psychology from Penn State University.