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Our Process

Effective care begins with effective planning. To ensure you receive the full benefit from your stay, The Gardens Wellness Center has created and implemented a process which guides your stay with us. The process does not predetermine the care you will receive, but rather enables our teams to gather the information necessary to provide care, ensure we meet all aspects of your needs and help you gauge your progress.

From the moment you arrive at The Gardens Wellness Center facility, our staff begins carefully gathering the information they need to build an individualized and personalized care plan based on a wide range of medical and psychological criteria. This plan allows our medical and psychiatric teams to provide appropriate care immediately, anticipate challenges before they arise and plan supplemental and post-treatment care that best matches your personality and requirements. This multi-stage process begins with a carefully planned admission.

Admissions and Intake

During admissions, you will first receive a pre-admittance assessment which relies on American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria. This exam determines if you require a medically-supervised detox. If you qualify, a member of The Gardens Wellness Center’s admissions team will discuss your financial obligations, including coverage levels, policy limits, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs as well as options for incomplete funding. We will then make transportation, scheduling and intake arrangements with you.

Intake consists of several additional assessments. These further evaluations, completed during the first 24 hours, guarantee detox can begin as soon as possible. These assessments include blood and toxicology, a psychiatric evaluation, a patient history, a physical examination, a nutritional assessment and risk assessments for mental health and withdrawal symptoms. Our medical staff can then request a final authorization for treatment and issue a physician’s order. These steps provide your doctors everything they need to create your recovery plan.

Medical Treatment

Your detox medical protocol includes 24-hour supervision by our nursing staff to assess your status and monitor your progress, as well as 24-hour observation and monitoring by our behavioral health technicians to safeguard your physical well-being. Psychiatric involvement can begin at this stage as well if you have a dual-diagnosis.

Since your baseline level of health will play a major part in your recovery, our staff will provide you with healthy meals and, if your assessment indicates you need them, vitamins. You may also receive medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and your medical team will explain how to take them and what benefits you can expect from them.

Psychiatric Treatment

Following your medically-supervised detox, you will begin psychiatric treatment. Psychiatric treatment will focus on meeting goals and objectives identified by your assessments and can address many contributing factors such as biological and physical needs as well as social situations.

Therapy sessions take two major forms — individual psychotherapy and group therapy sessions — and you might participate in both courses of treatment based on what your doctors believe will work best for you. Group therapy sessions focus on multiple areas of wellness — dual-diagnosis, relapse prevention and 12-Step, for example.

In psychiatric therapy, you will also learn how to handle issues that may arise as you return to family life and routine social situations.

Alternative Care and Treatments

Alternative care treatments — such as acupuncture, art, music, meditation and yoga — offer some of the most valuable methods to support your well-being and maintain your sobriety. Since you can practice these therapies long after you have completed your clinical care cycle, you can continue to enjoy their benefits the rest of your life.

Robust social skills can also help you cope with everyday stress and challenging situations, and group activities at The Gardens Wellness Center can help you develop those skills in safe and engaging ways. During team building, problem-solving, cooperation and value exercises, you can bond with others who share similar struggles while strengthening the self-confidence that will support you later.

Case Management and Discharge Planning

The Gardens Wellness Center views detox as a way to restore your health and well-being and empower you with many tools to help you live a drug-free lifestyle. All of your detox and addiction treatments point towards your discharge.

Your discharge plan, then, has a very important role in your overall recovery, as it clarifies the purpose of each of your goals and outlines the ways you can continue to meet them after you leave treatment.

If you need continuing care after discharge or require further evaluation to determine this, your discharge plan will arrange for these follow-ups, as well as for medications which you may need to take on an on-going basis to support your sobriety. You will also find details about how to reconnect with your family after discharge to minimize any stress this transition may cause.

A Reliable Process Leads to Lasting Wellness

A clear and rigorous process strongly promotes success. The Gardens Wellness Center’s program plan collects, utilizes and constantly reassesses information about your strengths and challenges throughout your stay to ensure that the care you receive aligns with the care you need. With this methodology, we can provide enough structure to guide our professional staff and enough flexibility to meet the widest variety of guests’ needs.

The Gardens Wellness Center allows you to focus on your work while offering resources to educate you and experiences to support you. When you don’t have to worry about getting the clinical support you need, you can better focus on your emotional needs, your transitional challenges and your life after recovery. A sound process which keeps your stay as stress-free as possible makes your personal growth not only possible but achievable and sustainable.