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Our Facility

The Gardens Wellness Center is a drug and alcohol detoxification facility located in North Miami Beach. We offer luxury accommodations designed to provide comfort, privacy and value to our clients, helping to restore the mind, body and spirit that have been impacted by your addiction. Our tranquil setting is the ideal location to explore the issues that led to substance abuse while dealing with the physical and psychological symptoms that often accompany withdrawal during the detox process.

Spacious Rooms, Plenty of Amenities

Our facility offers spacious and relaxed accommodations where clients can relax and rest in secure privacy. Inviting beds and peaceful artwork provide the perfect place to sleep after a busy day of treatment. Room features include:

  • Individual entertainment centers
  • TVs with cable and movie access
  • Private bathrooms
  • Ample storage space
  • Modern, comfortable furnishings

In addition to our basic accommodations, our executive concierge suite program features king-sized bed suites, private therapy and treatment, a la carte menu planning, and dietary services.

Community Areas

The Gardens Wellness Center features numerous community areas for our guests to eat, educate themselves and enjoy recreational activities together. Meeting rooms are fully equipped to handle groups of all sizes for informative sessions, while our private salon will put your personal hygiene on the right track. Community rooms provide a place to play video games, indulge in a game of pool or enjoy a movie as a group.

Our dining hall offers nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks to provide the body with the support it needs during detox. Addiction takes its toll on the body, stripping it of much-needed nutrients, so replacing those substances is essential for a healthy recovery process. Our setup allows for socialization during mealtimes so that clients have ample opportunity to form friendships and strong support during the initial phase of their recovery journey.

Outdoor Living

In our beautiful courtyard, you can relax and reflect on your day. Our scenic courtyard is a quiet and serene space to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the temperate climate of Southern Florida. Our clients can use the time in this peaceful space to align the mind, body and spirit to reduce depression, relieve stress and improve sleep.

The right environment is a crucial element for a comfortable detox. We strive to meet your physical and psychological needs in a setting that allows you to surrender to the treatment process. To learn more about our center, contact Gardens Wellness Center at 844-828-1050.