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Our Approach

Medical problems require medical solutions. Addiction requires a medical solution, in part, because it changes your body chemistry and creates dependency and cravings for drugs or alcohol that continue long after you first use. A fully medical response, however, cannot end addiction.

The reasons you began and continue to use have their beginnings in a combination of factors including your personality, past experiences, current environment, sudden trauma and even your genes. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction requires consideration of all these factors.

An informed approach does not necessarily make a successful one, however, but a holistic approach — which treats a person struggling with a complex problem with both professional care and human compassion — can transform a comprehensive treatment into an effective one.

An approach which includes both healing pathways will have the greatest likelihood of success because it not only encourages you to complete your clinical treatment but also empowers you by helping you build personal and situational skills that extend far beyond treatment.

A Medically-supervised Detox with a Compassionate Emphasis

A medically-supervised detox gives most patients their best chance of ending their chemical dependency. Recovery specialists not only recommend but require patients to complete a medically-supervised detox before continuing into an addiction treatment program. Many patients, however, may choose to delay addiction treatment because of concerns or fears they have about entering detox.

The Gardens Wellness Center understands that by deciding you need residential detox treatment, you have already taken among the most difficult steps on your journey towards wellness, and we strive to make that next steps as comfortable as possible. We want to make sure that fear doesn’t keep you from getting the medical attention you need, and we want to make sure you complete your treatment stay.

For these reasons, our teams of medical doctors, psychiatrists and counselors strive to provide compassionate care during every phase of your treatment. Our doctors will not treat you like a patient on their charge list but as a person facing real obstacles and choosing to take the difficult road towards sobriety. Our staff will fully support you because we share a common goal — your health and wellness.

A Compassionate and Holistic Approach To Psychiatric Care

Addiction has physiological and psychological components which interact with one another, and these factors, coupled with social and environmental ones, make addiction very difficult to treat. Psychiatric care must look broadly at why you began using and why you continued to use to treat substance use effectively.

An approach that views your addiction as a psychiatric problem and not as a human condition requiring attention, understanding and healing will not only make your treatment less palatable but also likely won’t help you achieve a sustainable sobriety. To avoid this outcome, The Gardens Wellness Center emphasizes a holistic approach to recovery.

At The Gardens Wellness Center, you can expect more than a doctor-patient relationship while recovering here. We want to encourage you to engage fully in your treatment. To accomplish this, our therapists create a judgment-free, supportive and caring environment that fosters trust and candidness.

When you can openly discuss your personal history, past traumas or pervasive struggles which lead to your drug or alcohol use, our therapists can reach a deeper understanding of your addiction and work with you to create the solutions that will help you beat addiction and stay sober.

Alternative Therapies Support Your Clinical Care and Give You More Ways to Heal

Alternative therapies not only help you heal on their own but also support all of the clinical work you will accomplish at The Gardens Wellness Center. Non-clinical practices also give you ways to express and relieve the various emotions and stress that will naturally arise from your clinical treatment. Also, these treatments can give you life-long avenues for personal growth, health and satisfaction.

Meditation and yoga, for example, give you two very powerful ways to focus your attention on your body and your feelings. These practices help alert you to negative emotions and physical pain and allow you to address them proactively and in healthy ways rather reactively through drugs and alcohol. When performed regularly, you can also promote a sense of inner balance, centeredness and peace which can improve all aspects of your life.

Similarly, creating art and making music can help you express feelings which you can’t articulate in words, and the skills you’ll learn by creating a work of art will increase your self-confidence and satisfaction and help you feel heard. Sharing your art with other people can not only help you build community but also help others as well.

A Holistic Approach Enables a Long-lasting Sobriety

Addiction is personal. It does not have a single cause, nor does it affect a single aspect of your life. Treating only the medical effects of the disease — or only the psychological effects — will not do enough to help you achieve sobriety, nor will willpower alone.

Recovery programs which include both medical and psychological treatments, however, increase your odds of sobriety because they end your chemical dependency and at the same time help you examine the deep-seated reasons for your substance use and learn new ways to conquer stress and temptation.

However, programs which go deeper and provide holistic, patient-centered care — to help you achieve both health and wellness — can give you not only the most comfortable detox experience but also the greatest chance of staying sober post-treatment.

By building a relationship with you, and by working with you — not on you, The Gardens Wellness Center can help you restore your self-confidence and arm you with valuable situational and social skills to keep your goals in reach. You can achieve a sober life, and you deserve it.