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We thank you for entrusting us with your detox care and for giving us the opportunity to help you during such a difficult decision. We will help and support you every step of the way to make this process as easy, safe and comfortable as possible. The team at Gardens Wellness Center prides ourselves in providing the highest quality of care to our clients, with a high staff-to-client ratio that ensures you get the personalized treatment you need for a safe and successful recovery.

Upon your arrival at the Gardens Wellness Center, our team of specially-trained admissions counselors will be present to help you through this first step in the process towards a safe, healthy and long-lasting sobriety. We understand this can be a difficult time for you and your loved ones and that is why we have experienced staff in place to help alleviate the stress of beginning the recovery journey.

Collecting Information

As you prepare for your stay with Gardens Wellness Center, it is helpful for us to receive the following information from you right away, so we can address questions and concerns quickly and accurately:

  • Description of symptoms
  • Existing, diagnosed medical or psychological issues
  • Drug of choice (substance currently used)
  • Prior treatment experience

It is also helpful to have your insurance information or method of payment readily available, including:

  • Insurance card
  • ID number
  • Name and date of birth of primary policyholder
  • Credit card or other negotiable instruments if paying out of pocket

Please ask our admissions counselor for details on treatment fees, insurance coverage and payment arrangements.

Making Travel Plans

We will partner with you to facilitate your travel and ensure your stay with us is as comfortable and positive as possible. To achieve that goal, we strive to address every detail of your trip before you arrive at our facility. We do recommend that you plan to fly into one of the two airports closest to our center, which are Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale Airport. ( Palm Beach is also close by if necessary.)

Before you travel, please confirm your reservation and give us the information as soon as possible if you plan to make your own travel arrangements. You may also contact us to help you make your travel arrangements. To guarantee you have a bed when you arrive, we request at least 48 hours’ notice before your admission.

We recommend you buy a one-way ticket when you make your plans in case your stay needs to be extended for any reason. Please contact your admission counselor to provide your flight information. If we arrange your travel for you, you will receive this information from your admissions counselor once your reservation has been made.

We advise all our clients to verify cell phone number and the contact information for a family member with their admissions counselor. This ensures we will be able to locate you at the airport easily. Upon your arrival, one of our experienced staff will meet you at the airport, holding a sign with your first name only in front of the exit gate. You will then be transported to our center where you can begin your recovery journey.

Our treatment center is located at 16565 NE 4th Avenue in North Miami Beach. Our telephone number is 844-828-1050. Please call us if you can’t find our representative at the airport or there are any changes to your flight plans.

What to Bring

We encourage you to have the following items with you when you travel:

  • Driver’s license, passport or other government-issued photo identification
  • Insurance identification card
  • Prescription drug identification card
  • Name and phone numbers of family or friends that can be contacted in the event of a medical emergency
  • Names, phone numbers and addresses of doctors, psychiatrist, therapist, attorney, probation officer, employment assistant program coordinator and anyone else involved in your case that you would like to be involved with your treatment process as well

Packing List

We provide a full packing list to help you know what you might need while you undergo detox treatment at Gardens Wellness Center. While you may also bring the following items with you, they will be kept in a secured area to prevent loss or theft while you are with us. The things will be available upon request and returned at discharge. These items include:

  • Cash
  • Credit and bank card
  • Checkbook
  • Items exceeding $100 in value
  • Passport
  • Laptop
  • Cell phone

The Admissions Process

Once you arrive at our facility, the admissions process will follow the following steps:

  • Medical assessment
  • Clinical assessment
  • Room assignment

Because we understand the stress and anxiety that often surrounds detox and addiction treatment, we are committed to making the admission process as easy and comfortable as possible. To learn more or to make the first steps with us on your recovery journey, contact Gardens Wellness Center today at 844-828-1050.