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Detoxification from drugs or alcohol is one of the most difficult steps in the addiction treatment process. The staff at the Gardens Wellness Center understands the challenges of detox, and we are prepared to help you face this process with all the support necessary to come through this step safely and successfully. Our client-centered detoxification program is designed to make detox as comfortable as possible, meeting your physical and psychological needs in a safe environment where you can address the issues associated with addiction surrounded by empathy and the highest level of professional care.

Our luxury accommodations set in North Miami Beach offer the creature comforts of home with a full-time qualified staff to walk you through every stage of the detox process. Our center provides the privacy necessary to detox from any substance and prepare yourself for the next step of your treatment journey. When you are ready for your next phase of treatment, we are connected to a variety of treatment centers that allow for a seamless transition.

Our Vision

At the Gardens Wellness Center, we set and maintain the highest standards of care in the substance abuse industry by providing our clients with the best medical protocols, psychological therapy and alternative treatment modalities for drug and alcohol detoxification.


Our client safety, comfort and emotional balance is our top priority. Our staff is committed to creating an environment which supports and encourages respect, compassion, tranquility, and harmony throughout the detoxification process.

Our Program

Our program features a continuum of care provided by a professional team that will hold your hand and lift your spirits as you embark on your recovery journey. You will have a collection of experienced therapists and medical personnel that will listen to you and direct you through this process with the promise that we will make every effort to exceed your expectations.

Supervised Detox

When you stop using a substance, the withdrawal symptoms associated can be both painful and dangerous. This a very vulnerable time for clients just entering treatment and must be carefully supervised to ensure the client’s safety in those early days. During this period, your safety, comfort and emotional balance are our priority. We will walk with you through this process until you are ready to move forward with your treatment.
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Medical Protocols

Whether you are taking medication for a medical condition or a co-occurring disorder, this process must be handled with care during the detox stage of treatment. Our certified medical staff will customize a program specific to you that will address specific issues including comfort levels, medical requirements and emotional needs.
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Psychological Therapies

Detox is not just a physical process. The psychological impact of addiction is also a challenge our clients face as they work through their program. We have a staff dedicated to addressing the psychological aspects of detox. Our certified therapists encourage self-esteem and confidence, providing clients with the tools necessary to continue to the next step of recovery.
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Alternative Treatments

Detoxification is not a one-size-fits-all process. Because you may have different needs and respond to treatment differently, we also offer non-conventional therapies to assist with your medical and psychological needs. Our holistic program helps to heal the mind and body, while other alternative treatment options are designed to meet our clients right where they are to ensure the greatest odds of a successful detox.
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What Sets Us Apart

At the Gardens Wellness Center, you are not just a number. We understand the struggles with addiction and believe all our clients deserve to be treated as individuals with empathy and acceptance. Our focus on human dignity sets us apart from other treatment centers, as our clients feel valued and cared for throughout their stay with us.

When you choose the Gardens Wellness Center for your detox, you will experience a myriad of additional benefits:

Full Treatment Staff
The detox program at the Gardens Wellness Centers includes experienced, board-certified psychiatrists, general practitioners, addictionologists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical doctors with years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. Our medical staff also has a strong presence in pharmacology and addiction research, which allows our program to maintain access to the latest evidence-based outcomes.
Programs Tailored to Your Needs
What works for one client may not be as effective for another, since everyone comes to our center with different concerns and needs. Our experienced medical staff addresses all aspects of our client’s needs to customize a detoxification plan tailored to specific issues, medical requirements and emotional necessities. Our medical protocols and psychological therapies are combined with alternative treatments to give you the tools necessary to overcome withdrawal symptoms, anxiety and depression often associated with the detox process.
Emotional, Psychological Support
Withdrawal from substances is not solely a medical issue. In addition to the physical symptoms that accompany the process, many clients also suffer from emotional trauma associated with addiction, such as guilt, shame and despair. Our team of dedicated clinicians will help you deal with these emotions through comprehensive psychotherapy while addressing the physiological needs of detoxification. Our certified therapists help you build your self-esteem and self-confidence, giving you the tools you need to continue to the next step in your recovery.
Comfortable Surroundings
Our facility is specifically designed to provide spacious and relaxed accommodations to keep you comfortable throughout the detox process. Inside our rooms, we offer TVs with cable and movie access, private bathrooms, ample storage space and modern furnishings. Our center also features an inviting dining hall serving up nutritious meals and snacks, as well as a scenic courtyard to enjoy the outdoors.

Is Garden Wellness Center right for you?

The Gardens Wellness Center may be a good choice for detoxification services if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Clients going into detox for the first timeWe will ensure your concerns are addressed and that you feel secure and safe as you begin the process with us
  • Clients with co-occurring disordersWe will promptly assess treatment for the addiction and mental illness that is associated with the client’s diagnosis
  • Relapsed clientsOur dedicated staff will help you realize relapse is not failure and will help you return to a healthy recovery path