Our Mission is to provide our clients with a comprehensive detoxification treatment in a comfortable, compassionate, and dignified environment where they feel safe to surrender to the healing process of recovery.

At The Gardens Wellness Center, it is our promise to hold your hand and lift your spirit while you are embarking on this journey to recovery. We will listen to you, care for you, and guide you during this process with the promise that we will make every effort to exceed your expectations.

Our Vision

At the Gardens Wellness Center, we set and maintain the highest standards of care in the substance abuse industry by providing our clients with the best medical protocols, psychological therapy, and alternative treatment modalities for drug and alcohol detoxification.

Individualized Detox

Every client's treatment program is individualized. They are based not only on the type of drug you are detoxing from, but your own comfort levels, tolerances, and personality.

Comfortable Detox

We understand that detox is a very uncomfortable process. Because of this, we seek to maintain the highest levels of relaxation and minimize discomfort.

Continuum of Care

Addiction does not end with detox. We have connections with the highest quality and respected rehabilitation facilities to ensure that you have the best chance at long-term recovery.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an integral part of rehabilitation, so we offer group therapy sessions to help clients connect and encourage each other throughout the process.



We understand that the detoxification process can cause concern, so our staff is committed to giving you all of the care and information you will need to help you feel safe and secure. Our customized program helps you to manage your physical withdrawal symptoms and provides you with the medical assistance needed during this difficult time.


Co-occurring disorders like depression often occur with addiction. Our world class team of health professionals will promptly assess treatment for the addiction and mental illness that is associated with the client’s diagnosis. We help address both the symptoms of addiction and the mental well-being of an individual to ensure that a successful road to recovery is met.


If you or a loved one has fallen back into addiction, relapse is not a sign of failure. You can always get back on the road to recovery. Our dedicated staff with help you receive the tools you need to move forward on the path to recovery.

Some of Our Therapeutic Treatments Include:

Activities Coordinator

Our clients are part of therapeutic activities such as art therapy, music therapy and meditation which help to take their mind off of things and bring them into the present moment. Jose



Insurance Accepted: