What differentiates our facility is the value we put in the human dignity of our clients. We understand they are struggling with addiction and deserve to be treated with empathy and acceptance.

We Address Both the Emotional and Physical Needs of Our Clients

Along with the physical symptoms that accompany the withdrawal process, many clients often suffer from emotional trauma like guilt, shame, and despair.

Our level of care is continually evolving to fulfill your unique needs and ensure the highest level of comfort and support throughout the entire treatment process.

Our Staff has Years of Experience in the Addiction Treatment Industry

Our experienced medical staff addresses all aspects of our client’s needs to customize a detoxification plan tailored to specific issues, medical requirements, and emotional necessities. Our medical protocols and psychological therapies are combined with alternative treatments to give you the tools necessary to overcome withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and depression often associated with the detoxification process.

The program includes experienced board-certified psychiatrists, general practitioners, addictionologists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and medical doctors with years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. Our medical staff also has a strong presence in the field of pharmacology and addiction research which allow our program to maintain access to the latest evidence-based outcomes.

Along with the physical symptoms that accompany the withdrawal process, many clients often suffer from emotional trauma such as guilt, shame, and despair. These emotions will be dealt with comprehensive psychological therapy. We have clinicians dedicated towards addressing the psychological aspects of detoxification as well. Our certified therapists encourage self-esteem, confidence, and give clients the tools to continue to the next step in recovery.

Because each client has different needs and respond to treatment differently, we also offer non-conventional therapies that can assist medical and psychological needs. Holistic therapies provide comfort and stimulate the innate healing power of the body. Our team of professional will recommend adequate therapies according to the patient's mental and physical condition during treatment to make sure Holistic therapies are effective.

Our comfortable surroundings and compassionate staff of medical professionals will address all the psychological and emotional aspects of detox to provide you with the tools needed to continue to the next step in a successful recovery.



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