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What is Sublocade?

Sublocade is an injectable form of buprenorphine recently approved by the FDA. Whereas buprenorphine, or Suboxone, is typically taken under the tongue daily, Sublocade is taken as an injection once a month. This provides a steady dose of the drug with no need for daily maintenance. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, meaning it attachesRead More

How Creativity Can Aid Addiction Recovery

Creative pursuits can help a lot when recovering from addiction. Many therapists and treatment centers now recognize the therapeutic potential of creativity and incorporate it in their approach to treatment. Many recovering addicts also discover accidentally that having a creative outlet helps them deal with the complex emotions surrounding addiction and recovery. There are severalRead More

How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect the Immune System?

Drug and alcohol addiction harm the body in many ways. Typically, this damage is pretty direct, such as the damage alcohol does to the liver or the damage cocaine does to the heart. Addictions can also directly and indirectly compromise the immune system, leading to increased risk of illness and infection. This can happen inRead More

Treating Multiple Addictions

Multiple addictions come in two varieties: cross- and co-occurring addiction. A cross-occurring addiction is when you move from one addiction to another and a co-occurring addiction is when you have have two or more addictions simultaneously. Each can present challenges for recovery. Multiple addictions, like dual diagnoses of addiction and another mental health issue, areRead More

Do Your Likes and Dislikes Change After You Get Sober?

People worry about life after recovery. Addicts usually quit because they finally realize, for whatever reason, that their addiction is unsustainable, but often they don’t know what life in recovery will be like. Many fear they will never have fun again, because drugs and alcohol were always central to having a good time. Some peopleRead More

Exercise is Essential for a Good Mood

An important part of recovery is learning to manage your mood. Everyone has ups and downs. That’s normal. The danger comes when you start feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or depressed. There are many aspects to managing your mood. In therapy you will learn about how your thoughts affect your mood and you will discover what specificallyRead More

Can You Overdose on Alcohol?

You can overdose on alcohol. It’s a condition called alcohol poisoning and it kills about 2200 people every year in the US. Alcohol poisoning results from binge drinking as opposed to steady, prolonged drinking, which has different negative effects. What constitutes binge drinking depends on the person. Generally speaking, the larger the person, the moreRead More

Valium And Violent Behavior

Until the 1970’s, doctors relied heavily on opioid medications for the treatment of various conditions.  As they started to realize the addictive potential of such drugs, pharmaceutical companies began developing another class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, or “benzos.”  Benzos were initially thought to be super safe and non-addictive, but it wasn’t long before theyRead More

Can Alcoholics Drink “Non-alcoholic” Beer?

The question of whether alcoholics can drink non-alcoholic, or NA, beer is contentious, and probably varies from person to person. While most beer is around five percent alcohol by volume, NA beer is about 0.5 percent alcohol. Some people claim that because the percentage isn’t high enough to get you drunk, you shouldn’t worry aboutRead More

Drug Use And HIV/AIDS

In 1980, the AIDS epidemic was publicized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), noting that it was becoming a national crisis.  AIDS is still a global issue, with nearly 37 million infected people living throughout the world in 2016.  There have been many attempts to halt the spread of HIV overRead More